When I was in high school, one of my classmates sit right beside me. His name is ChenLiang. He is my unforgettable person in my life.
        I remembered my mathematics was just mediocre at that time, but he was extraordinary and excellent in calculating and solving mathematic questions. He often received perfect scores. Of course, I wished I could reach at his level. Since we talked all day long, I asked how he could solve those difficult questions. He was so patient and polite to answer my sometimes ridiculous thinking. Gradually, I built my confidence at mathematics and finally passed the college entrance exam.
        Now, we are apart, but I still remember his great attitude and willing in study. I am so obliged to my classmate, who is my friend always and forever.
       当我在高中的时候,我 有一位同学坐在我旁边。他的名字是亮。他是我在我的一生难忘的人。 我记得我的数学,只是当时平庸,但他非常优秀,并在计算数学和解决问题。他经常收到的满分。当然,我希望我能达到他的水平。既然我们 谈了一整天,我问他如何才能解决这些困难的问题。他是如此有耐心,有礼貌的回答我有时荒谬的想法。渐渐地,我建我在数学的信心,终于 通过了高考。 现在,我们分开,但我仍然记得他的伟大的态度,愿意学习。我不得不这样我的同学,谁是我的朋友,永远永远。
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