My ambition is to become a teacher. As a child, I had many dreams, but becoming teacher is the most thing I want to be. During the class, I pay more attention to teacher‘s instruction, and act as teacher ‘s helper. I think teacher has more influence on children‘s mind and behavior. There are many crimes and disorders in our society, as many of outlaws come from broken family and human‘s greed. If I can be a teacher, I definitely will ask my students be a honor and useful person. The goal of our life is to help each other and reach the harmony happiness. I hope my ambition and dream can come true. I am willing to study hard and become a teacher in the future.
       我的愿望是成为一名教师。作为一个孩子,我有很多梦想,但成为教师是最件事我想是。在类,我 更注重教师的指示,以及教师的辅助行为。我认为,教师有更多关于儿童的思想和行为的影响。有许多犯罪和疾病,在我们的社会,因为歹徒 许多来自破碎家庭,来和人类的贪婪。如果我能成为一名教师,我一定会问我的学生是一种荣誉和有用的人。我们的人生目标是要互相帮助, 达到和谐幸福。我希望我的野心和梦想能实现。我愿意努力学习,成为未来的教师。
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