As a Senior Three student, time seems much limited. As a result, more and more students try to study from early morning till late afternoon, even during the ten-minute break. In my opinion, to take a ten-minute break between classes is definitely necessary. Otherwise we will feel tired both physically and mentally. During the ten-minute break, we do something to get rid of tiredness. What we need is to have a real rest, instead of getting more tired. So doing nothing tiring in that period is really good for us. My ten-minute break is always pleasing. Sometimes I do some simple exercises. Sometimes I have a free chat with my classmates or just take a walk outside. When the next class begins, I feel fresh again. 标题:一个10分钟的休息 内容:作为一个高三学生,时间似乎非常有限。因此,越来越多的学生努力学习,从清晨到傍晚,即使在10分钟的休息。我认为,采取了10分钟的课是绝对必要的休息。否则,我们会感到疲倦身心。在10分钟的休息,我们必须努力摆脱疲劳。我们需要的是有一个真正的休息,而不是越来越厌倦。如果这样做,在此期间没有疲惫是对我们非常好。我10分钟的休息时间感到非常高兴。有时候我做一些简单的练习。有时候,我有一个免费的聊天我的同学,只取一走在外面。当下一堂课开始,我觉得新鲜了。
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