For centuries, elephant has been an indispensable part of Asian culture. Especially in Thailand, elephant once was treated as the sacred symbol, but as time went by, elephant was domesticated in the zoo. Thousands of tourists rode elephants and enjoyed the project, but they did not realize what they did to these poor creatures.

A video was shot by a foreign guy, who exposed what the elephants suffered during the training. The small babies were forced to be apart from their mothers. Once the elephants refused to do what the trainers wanted them to do, they would be punished by not getting food or beaten. How cruel it was. The public saw the video and many of them asked the zoo to stop providing the activity of riding elephants.

With more people realize the hurt that elephant gets when they are enjoying riding it, they stop to join this project, which helps to protect the animal. Then the situation changes. Zoos start to give up domesticating elephant, instead, they let tourists feed it. It is a win win situation. Animals enjoy the freedom, while human being can watch them. What a harmonious environment. 
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