With the development of Internet, the young generation rely on the Internet so much. They make friends and communicate with each other by the Internet. The fast way to get the information provides people the convenience to chase what they want. As a result, some crazy fans become a huge group to support their idols and this is believed to be fans marketing.

Recently, a popular male idol confirmed to be in a relationship with a girl. The fans became angry and made a lot of bad comments in two hours, then the Internet got congested immediately. Most girls were heart broken and they were so angry about this idol’s confession. They believed that they spent so much money on him and it was his duty to keep his single image.

Nowadays, the fans will be a huge group just in purpose of supporting their idols, such as buying albums or booking a whole cinema to gain the box office for their idols. No matter where the idols show, they will come to the scene in groups. The businessmen gain so much profit from fans marketing, which will be the important way to support the idols.
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