Tennis is very popular around the world, which ranks only behind football and basketball. With the achievement that Chinese tennis players have made these years, more and more Chinese young people have fallen in love with this sport. China Open is one of the biggest tour matches. It catches top tennis players to join and the NO.1 seed Nadal claimed the championship again.

Every tennis fan must be familiar with the king of clay—Nadal, who is a great fighter. He got famous at the early age, and he has won ten French Open, which is the greatest achievement that no one can compare to him. Behind all these honor, he has gone through a lot of hard time. When he returned, a lot of people doubted that his top time has gone, but he proved that he was till the top player every time.

I admire Nadal’s spirit. He will fight for every point and never give up. I like to watch his matches. The way he focuses attention on the ball makes me feel his strong will. He teaches me to be insistent. He is my idol. A great player always has strong will. 
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