When the traditional festival comes, everybody is excited about it, because they will have holiday to relax. The meaning of these festivals is remembered by the old generation all the time, while some young people do not know. So when we enjoy the holiday, we need to know more about the traditional culture.

A foreign girl shot a video to ask Chinese young people something about Mid-autumn festival. To everybody’s surprise, a lot of them did not know the story about this big day. When I was very small, I have watched many TV series telling about the myth of Hou Yi and his wife. I learned many Chinese myths and legends from the shows. Though some people enjoy the festival, they should learn the culture.

With the development of Chinese economic power, more and more foreigners are interested in learning Chinese. Some are very crazy about the traditional culture. They study famous great old poems and novels, treating the great characters as idols. 

The traditional festival is the important way to preserve our culture, which is the great treasure of human being. We are so proud of it, because it is priceless.
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