In Chinese classic family, the young mothers and fathers need to go to work everyday and the job of taking care of the children belongs to the grandparents. So when a foreign man goes to the kindergarten to pick up his child, the old people will very surprise and think he is not working. Actually, foreign fathers are willing to focus more attention to babies while Chinese fathers ignore their kids all the time.

The traditional Chinese fathers are thought to make money and support the family. It is women’s duty to take care of the children and family chores. So most Chinese fathers spend less time with their children. When the children are talking to them, they keep their eyes on the smart phones. Some men are not willing to go home early for the reason of companying their boss to have dinner. All of these deeds are hurting their children. The missing part of father’s role in children’s process of growing is not good.

The men should be aware of the importance of spending more time with children. It is both women and men’s duty to educate the kids. 

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