Being a teacher is always believed to be one of the greatest occupations in the world, because they educate the students to be the better person and make a contribution to the world. My ideal job is to work as a teacher, last week, I had the chance to experience teaching students. 

Our school asked some volunteers to teach some kids who lived in the countryside the English. I cherished this chance so much and joined the team. As I loved English so much and I studied it well so I had the confidence to be the volunteer. When I saw these kids, they were so happy to see us and listened to us carefully. I gave them my lesson and played the game with them, they gave me the warm response. I enjoyed being a teacher so much.

When I back to school, I missed my students so much, they liked me a lot and some of them kept in touch with me. I felt so proud of being a teacher. This precious experience made me make up mind to realize my dream. 

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