Recently, the world was watching America, because the new president had come out. Donald Trump was the winner and his first daughter Ivanka Trump became the hot issue, because she was such excellent and helped a lot in the election. People found that this women pays special attention to let her children learn mandarin, many videos were showed in the Internet.

There is no doubt that English is the international language, while Chinese is spoken by most people. As Chinese ecnomy develops so fast and the world is watching China, many foreigners have sense the great market potential, so they come to China and seek for cooperation. As learning mandarin will do great help in learning a country’s culture and building strong relationship, so the world is starting to learn Chinese. 

Even in the president’s family, his grandchildren have learned mandarin since they are very small, the big family wishes their offspring gets the best education and see the great value of learning Chinese. China plays the important role in world econmy in the future and we are proud of being part of it. 
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