Disney films are favored by people all around the world, it is known to all that many of the movies are produced by Pizar animation studio. The studio produces the short animation with high quality. But less people know that the founder of the Pizar animation studio is Steve Jobs, who is also the founder of Apple Company.

People are crazy about the Apple products, though Steve Jobs passed away, he is still known as the founder of Apple Company, who is a great man and changes people’s lives. But Steve Jobs also created the most successful animation studio. He was once got fired by the company he created, because he had disputes with the managers. So he decided to bought a computer animation studio and named it Pizar animation studio. He made Pizar work well and later Disney company bought it.

The success of Pizar animation studio helped Disney company to earn a lot of money. Steve Jobs was such a great man that he not only created the Apple products, but also exaggerated the Disney company. Though he died, people can see his achievement everywhere.

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