When it comes to Madonna, people will call her the mother of popular music or the model of women. There is no doubt that people speak highly of her. Madonna wins her own position in the world, though she is old, she is still the shining star. 

Before Madonna became a singer, her father was very strict to her. He wanted Madonna to study in the college and then worked as a lawyer. But Madonna was not interested in sitting in the office, she wanted to be a dancer, so she came to New York and started to chase her dream. During Madonna’s audition, a CEO decided to sign her and Madonna started her music career.

Madonna created the fashion, she was not in the sweet image, she was a wild girl. Many girls followed her and showed their individuality. In the following years, she also acted in the movie. She played so well in Evita Peron, which helped her win the prize.

Though some people criticized her for her sexy show in the video, Madonna has the successful career. She is popular all the time. 
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