According to the report, most people are not satisfied with their job and life, but there is nothing for them can do, so they just have to do the boring job and live the same life every day. There will always some people dare to follow their hearts and live the life they want.

Foster is 28 years old, he used to be a designer for the famous brand and had his own apartment in Manhattan, it seemed that his life was such wonderful that he would achieve greater success. But Foster quit his job later and he wanted to stay away from the city and travel to many places. He bought a wasted bus and then decorated it as his home, he drove his bus to travel around America. Finally he went back his hometown and he built a tree house, which looked so beautiful. 

Foster now is famous and he got many fans. His life is many people’s dream. As a matter of fact, Foster still worked on his job by the Internet, it is the job that helps him to realize his dream. 

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