The meaning of going to school seems to fight for the bright future. For every child, they need to be armed with knowledge, so that they can go to the good college and have the promising career. But people pay much attention to the knowledge education and neglect the quality-oriented education, which is very important. The school should pay attention to quality-oriented education.
上学的意义似乎在于为美好的前途而奋斗。对于每个孩子来说,他们需要武装知识,这样才能上好的大学, 拥有有前途的事业。但是人们过度关注知识的教育,忽视了素质教育,素质教育是很重要的。学校应该关注素质教育。 
The schools always focus on student’s study, the scores are the main standard to measure whether the students are good ones. So the students work so hard to get the high mark and prove themselves. Now take a look at the news about teenagers, tragic things happen all the time. In foreign schools, gun-shot cases which are manipulated by the teenagers are no longer the new things. It is obvious that the education needs to make some changes now. 
For the teenagers, they need to be cultivated with quality-oriented education, so that their minds can be healthy. The schools need to open the class to teach students the knowledge about how to deal with their mental problems. A healthy students are in both about physically and mentally. 
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