Since the coming of the computer, people count on it so much and computer indeed brings people a lot of fun. We can read the instance news and listen to the music around the world. Before, we can download the music for free, but now, some limitations have been carried out, people need to pay for some music. I don’t think it a wise choice.
On the one hand, people get used to the free music. If they are asked to pay for the music, most of them are not willing to spend the money on it. What’s more, people can find all kind of resources on the Internet, that’s the power of scientific technology. So charging for downing music is not gonna work.
On the other hand, when download the music needs money, most people will choose to ignore these music, so less people listen to the music, it is not good for the musician, because it means their music become less popular, thus they will get less fame. 
I support for the free music, the musician can also gain fame if more people listen to their music. 
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