It has been such a long time for Chinese people to carry out the family plan, so most families only have one child. But now the government has loosen the one-child policy, more and more families have the right to raise the second child. In my opinion, having the second child has many advantages.


First, it is good for the only child to have a sister or brother, so that the child can learn to share things. The parents are easily to focus their all attention to the only child, they want to give all the things he wants. But in the long run, they don’t realize they have spoiled their child to be an emperor. Selfishness can be found on the only child, if he has a partner, then he will realize the need to share things with others. What’s more, the parents can distract their attention, so they won’t spoil their kids.


Second, since in Chinese tradition the old people would not like to spend their later life in the nursing house, two children can share the burden of taking care of the parents and support them when they grow old. Those only children would be exhausted then while they have their own family to take care.


Third, the more kids in the family, the happier the family will be. Watching the children play and fight is a kind of fun for the parents. The lively phenomenon makes people feel happy.


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