When in the public, it is advocated to behave politely, while still, some bad manners appear. The public place is for everybody to take the activities, as there are so many eyes watching, so we need to act politely and do not bring the bad influence to others.
The bad manners in the public are various. The most impolite manner is to throw away the rubbish. Some people are lazy to find the dustbin and choose the fastest way to get rid of their rubbish, they just throw away it. They don’t care whether it will do harm the environment and the people. How selfish he is. What’s more, some couples show their affection in front of the public, they kiss and touch each other, which embarrassed the public.  
A public place is not suitable to show personal emotion, we need to behave ourselves. Imagine if someone is kissing in front of you, what you will do, you just can pretend not to see it, but in fact, you are awkward. Creating a harmonious environment needs everybody to work on it. 

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