There are always news about how many betrothal gifts a man has to prepare to get a bride in China. In fact, this is not only happened in China, many less developed countries also have the same problem. Though the marriage is about two families but only two people in love, but I can't agree that the groom have to paid overload to the bride's family to get marry. 
The betrothal gifts in the old time of China were given to the parents in law by the groom to thank them for having been taking care the bride, and after being marry, the bride would have very few chances to come back to see them. So the betrothal gift was also called “bride price”. But this is not suitable for today’s situation. The young couple will always visit the parents and support them, it is unfair for the man to pay much money to the parents in law anymore.
On the other hand, the bride’s parents requirement too much bride price would rise the conflict between two families and then hurt feelings of the young couple. The marriage would come to a crisis.
Two people get marry should be based on love, not doing business. They have their own life to go on, the parents should give them the best blessings, not obstacles. The sound betrothal gifts and enough love, the marriage will have a wonderful start.
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