In China, there is an old saying: every family has their issue, the parents and their children’s problems exist all the time. It seems that parents and their children can never get along peacefully, their communication barrier comes to be obvious since the children come to their adolescence, this situation happens in many reasons.
在中国,有一句方言“家家都有本难念的经”, 父母和孩子间的问题总是一直存在。似乎父母和孩子永远都不能好好地相处,他们的沟通障碍打从孩子来到青春期就更加的明显,这样的情形发生是有很多原因的。
On the one hand, the children have come to the adolescence, they desire to be independent and get away from their parents’ protection. The age of adolescence means the children have grown up, they are no more the small kids, they want to make their own decision, so they become rebellious and go against what they parents tell them to do. They do this for the purpose of proving that they are grown-ups.
On the other hand, most parents take their children as the small kids all the time. In most parents’ eyes, their kids will be always kids, no matter how old they are, the parents still treat their children as the small ones, so they will make every decision for their kids. The parents refuse to accept the fact that their children have grown up and can make their decision, so the communication barrier happens.
The communication barrier between children and parents is very family’s problem, the parents should learn to let go gradually and the children can have a nice talk to their parents, thus the problem can better solved.
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