In China, the problem of aging is becoming more and more serious, in the future, many old people will go to the nursing house, but as the young are busy with their work, how to take care of the old is a big problem. Recently, Holland’s government carries out a policy, if the young go to the nursing house to serve the old for 30 hours a week, then the young will get the free rent of their departments. I think it is a good idea.
On the one hand, the young can relieve the life pressure from the free rent. Because of the temptation of the free rent, surely the policy will attract more young people to do the work. As the job competition is so intense, many young people have struggled to their life, so they are willing to do the caring work to get the free rent. On the other hand, the old can get the caring from the young. As more young people go to the nursing house to provide the service, the old will be very happy and have someone to talk to. 
Though the policy is put forward in the short time, it provides a new way to solve the aging problem.
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