Yao Ming, the name won’t be forgotten by the world, though he is retired. Now Yao has opened the new chapter of his life, he has a happy family, his retired life is fulfilling. Yao Ming is thought to be China’s miracle, he plays basketball so well and influents the word. Though he stops his basketball career, his influence is going on.
One the one hand, Yao Ming makes the world know more about China. Since Yao Ming joined NBA, he stood for China. As NBA caught the world’s attention, the media was so curious about this tall guy. Yao was the first Chinese basketball player to catch so many people’s attention. Because of his great success, people wanted to know China.
On the other hand, Yao’s successful career inspires Chinese teenagers to pursue their dreams. Before Yao, less teenagers would treat the basketball career as the future career choice, because basketball was not popular in China. But now, Yao inspires the teenagers, he proves that playing basketball can be successful. 
There is no doubt that Yao Ming is a great person, he influents both China and the world. 

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