Going to the college is the most important thing for the students, because they have worked so many years to realize this dream. When they come to the campus, they will be free and start to do what they want. The college days are really happy for me, though sometimes I will be out of control.
During the four years, my roommates and I have affected each other, we stay up all the time. At the beginning, our break time is like high school, we sleep at 11 o’clock. But then we have joined the activities at night, we go to see the movie, go to KTV or go shopping. We will go back to the dormitory very late, so 11 o’clock is really early, now we have to sleep until midnight.
My friends and I plan to travel all the time, though we don’t have much money, we still can travel. We save the pocket money and then book the cheap hotel and choose the cheapest way to travel. I enjoy the trip so much, I appreciate the scenery and culture by my heart.
My college life sounds a little crazy and I like it. Every young person will experience it.
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