In college, we will have some elective courses, some students think these courses are distracting and time-consuming, so it is not necessary to open the elective courses. In my opinion, students can find something different and open their vision. As for the advantages, elective courses should be open.
First, elective courses are more interesting. As most students choose their major for the view that it will be good for their future, so they are not actually interested in their major and they will be bored in the class. As the saying that interest is the best teacher, if the students can choose the courses they are interested in, they will learn a lot. Elective courses provide students the chance to learn what they what to.
Second, students can fulfill their campus life by leaning the elective courses. Campus life gives students much freedom, students can choose to play or to learn something useful. Obviously, the latter is the wise choice. We can make the better preparation for the future in the elective courses.
In conclusion, taking up elective class is good for students。
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