For every student, meeting a good teacher is very important, it will change their lives. I am so lucky that I met a good teacher and she opened the new chapter of my life. I will never forget the things she taught me.
对于每一个学生来说, 遇到一个好老师是非常重要的,它将改变他们的生活。我很幸运,我遇到了一个好老师,她打开了我人生的新篇章。我永远不会忘记她教给我的东西。

When I was in high school, I felt so bored about the English class, because I did not understand it. Miss Li was my English teacher, she found my attitude to her class. One day, when the class was over, she asked me to her office. She did not blame me for sleeping in her class, instead, she smiled and asked me the opinion about her class. I said her class was a little  boring and I thought she would be angry. Miss Li smiled and agreed with me. She asked me to give some opinion. I was so surprised that she was so kind. Miss Li improved her class and I became very active.

Though I enter  the college, I will never forget Miss Li’s class and the things she taught me. She respects me and makes me important. I am so thankful to her. 
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