Nowadays, as students pay attention to the exam and the practical subjects, so many schools have given up asked the students to read literature book. Actually, literature book is very important for students. A good book can cultivate students with the good character and affect their lives. 

One the one hand, reading literature books can let the students learn about the culture. The literature book always reflects a country’s history, so the students can know about the country’s culture in the certain time. They will broaden their vision.

On the other hand, the characters in the literature books are strong persons, students can learn from them. The literature books always describe the characters to get over all kinds of difficulties and get successfully in the end. Their stories are the best examples to teach students become the strong persons. Reading the literature books helps students grow up quickly. 

Even though most schools haven’t opened the literature lesson, we still need to read literature. It is the light that guides us to move on. 
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