When computer came into being, it developed so fast and its functions are various. Computer brings people convenience, people count on them to do their work. It is believed that computer has taken place of the brain. While in my opinion, computer can’t overpass the brain.

Computer is the process that is designed by human beings. Computer is the robot, the scientists design the complicated process and then make it to work. People can control the computer to do their own things. Even though computer works in a very fast way, its process will goes wrong sometimes. Such as the translation, computer always translates the words one by one, making the meaning very ridiculous. 

Computer can’t take place of the brain because it has no emotion. The process just gives people the direct result and computer can’t think in their own way. But people’ brain has its own thinking and the critical mind makes the great difference. The brain surpasses progress because people have the ability to think. 

In all, though computer works fast and precise, it can’t take place of the brain. 
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