The world cup holds every four years and the theme songs will be very popular around the world. So many famous singers try to be the lucky one because it is their great honor to sing the theme song. The football fans must be familiar to Shakira, who is a Latin female singer. She has sung the theme song twice, which makes her the outstanding singer. 

Today, Shakira is famous around the world. She is from Columbia and she can speak many languages. Shakira became a singer when she was a teenager, she dropped out of gymnastic and then turned to sing. At first, she sung the Latin songs, which made her popular in the Latin countries. But she wanted to let more people hear her songs, so she went to America and developed her career. Shakira made the wise choice, with her talent and effort, she not only conquers the American people, but also conquers the world. She is one of the most successful female singers. 

Shakira is very beautiful, but she works so hard to be successful. People love her so much. 
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