As the development of the economy, more and more people live the good life. As they have more money to satisfy the material issue, so they chase for entertainment. The old people like to dance in the square and the young people like to KTV. As for me, my favorite form of entertainment is to travel.

On the one hand, travel can broaden my vision. Going to the different place can let me see the different scenery. Every time when I go to a place, I will talk to the local people and get to know their culture. I learn so many things from life instead of the book.

On the other hand, I will make friends during the trip. When I take the train, I will always find someone who has the same interest with me. We will talk a lot on the train, though our destination is different, we keep in touch and share our opinion all the time. 

Going to travel is my favorite form of entertainment, I learn a lot and I will continue my travel when I have the time and money. 

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