When students go to college, they have to live in the dormitory which often holds four students. As most students never stay away from partners before, so they don’t get used to live in the dormitory and they will try to move out and live in the department alone. In my opinion, dormitory is the better choice to live in.
当学生上大学了,他们不得不住在容纳4个学生的宿舍。由于大部分学生从来没有和父母分开过, 因此他们不适应住在宿舍,尝试着搬出去,独自住在公寓里。在我看来,宿舍是居住的更好选择。

One the one hand, students can learn to get along with each other. No one can live alone, people need to communicate with others, it is an important lesson for college students to learn. Most students have depended on their parents so much, so they don’t have the consciousness to be tolerant and considerate. Living in the dormitory helps the students to be independent and considerate, which will make them to be successful.

On the other hand, living in the dormitory will save students a lot of money. As more students share a room, so it will be very cheap for a student to pay for the room. The students haven’t earned the money, they need to spend their parents’ money, so they should save the money and relieve their parents’ burden.

In all, living in the dormitory is a good choice for a student.
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