When Spring Festival comes, people will pay special attention to the news about Spring Festival gala, they get used to watching it every year, the director will take a long time to prepare for it. Every piece of news about the gala will become the hot topic, Spring Festival gala has become part of people’s life, even the tradition.

Since our parents’ generation, Spring Festival gala holds every year in the eve of Spring Festival, after eating the dinner, the families get together and watch the gala. As the development of the TV program, the traditional show has faced many challenges, the young generation is not that into the Spring Festival gala, but it still attracts people’s attention and keeps the highest audience rating. 

The popularity of the gala shows that it has become the tradition, people get used to watching it, if this show is cancelled, we will feel something is missing in our life. In fact, the meaning of the gala gives people a chance to get united and enjoy the time with their families.

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