Brad Pitt is thought to be the world’s most sexy man, early in his films, the audience was crazy about his perfect face, many girls treat him as Mr. right. For me, Pitt has the charming outlook, which is attracting to the women, but as the time goes on, he is not young anymore, but he is still the world’s most sexy man, he gets this fame because of his kind heart.

Early in the 1990s, Brad Pitt began his career as the actor, at first, he played the small role, there was less people noticed him. One day, an agent thought he was fit for the new film, so Pitt was chosen to play the role, then his career went well all the way. More and more people started to notice him, they were impressed by Pitt’s beautiful face, the roles he played were always favored by the audience. As his great success in the films, Pitt was chosen to be the world’s most sexy man. 

Besides his beautiful outlook, Pitt is kind-hearted. He raises many funds for the purpose of helping the poor and the children, now he is not busy with the movie, he is busy with the charity, he has built the charity organization. His personality is full of charming.

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