Since the 1990s, the Internet develops very fast, people need to use computer every day, they use computer to work and to read news. The Internet has been very importance part of people’s life, even a child can use computer, more and more people like to make friends online, because they spend much time to chat online. People like to chat online has many reasons.

First, chatting online is very convenient, people don’t need to spend the time to make the appointment, they just need to click on the computer, then they can talk to someone. What’s more, they can choose the one they want to talk to, there all kinds of people online, people can make their own choice and decide to talk to the one they like.

Second, people don’t need to take the responsibility of what they say. The Internet world is virtual, everyone notices that, so it has been admitted that people don’t need to take the responsibility of their words. They can speak highly of themselves and find the sense of satisfaction.

Chatting online is so free, but we can’t be addicted to it, we can communicate with our friends.

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