When college students come to the graduate season, most of them are in favor of being public servants and getting further study, these two choices are most welcomed. The number of postgraduate candidates has been increasing these years, while in this year, the number finally gets down, the reasons are various.

First, the government made some changes in treating postgraduates. Before, for most postgraduates, they didn’t need to pay for the tuition fee, the government paid for them, but now, the government is no longer pay for them because of the great amount. The postgraduates have to pay a lot of money, as they are grow up enough, some thinks they should not spend parents’ money, so they decide not to study further.

Second, as finding the job is becoming more and more fierce, some students think it is better to find their own position in the society, if they take more time to study, some good jobs will be taken by other people. They would rather to spend the time to gain working experience, because that is what jobs need.

Though some people become less passionate on further study, it doesn’t mean study is not important, it means people have more choices.

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