About a month ago, I got my friend’s invitation, she told me that she would be married in a month, she hoped me to be his bridesmaid, I felt so happy for her and I also felt excited to be her bridesmaid. Last night, I finished my bridesmaid job and the memory still lingers on my mind.

When my friend’s big day came, all the bridesmaids need to wake up early up in the morning and waited to be made up. We dressed the purple dresses, when we were ready, I found the bridesmaids looked almost the same, but we were pretty. After a while, I saw my friend, she was get ready, too, all of us were so chocked by her wonderful look, she was gorgeous, no wonder people said that to be a bride is the most beautiful.

When the bridegroom came, we hided the bride, and asked him to played the game, the first was to ask him to call his bride in ten ways. The second was to ask him some privacy about the bride, at last, the bridegroom picked up my friend to his home.

The experience of being a bridesmaid is so wonderful, I witness my friend’s happiness and I wish I could be the next bride.

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