I will graduate next year, now I start to worry about my future, I don’t know what kind of job I should work on, I see the job hunting information from the Internet, I don’t know whether I should take the chance. My teacher told me that I need to take every chance, so that I will find what I want.

Graduate season is a sad and busy season. After four years’ study, it is time to say goodbye to your classmates, the building of the deep relationship makes it hard to say goodbye. At the same time, finding a job is the most important thing for students, because they need to find their places in the society. As there are many opportunities for graduate students, they always don’t know how to do.

I have learned that I should take every chance when they job offer comes, even though I need to go to a far place to get the interview and there will be some money that I need to spend. But I will learn many things and become more competitive.

When the opportunity comes, I will take no hesitation to seize it.

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