As the fast development of the technology, people can have access to all kinds of high technologies. TV is one of them, since the being of the TV, people can know more about the world and TV brings people a lot of fun. Nowadays, TV program provides various shows, my favorite program is the dating show.
Dating show is very hot now, people like to see the boys and girls how to choose each other. In the show, the girls are the guests, they wait for the boys, and then choose the one they like. Of course, the boys also have the rights to choose the girls, only if they can come to the final round.
The reason why I like to see the dating show lies in that I can see the young people’s view about the marriage, at the same time, I also can see their lives. The boys and the girls give their own opinion of their views about the marriage, which are very different from our parents’.
The dating show program provides people a way to know the young generation’s ideas about marriage, people can learn a lot from the show.
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