In China, the popular word “house slave” means people pay off a house for so many years, while the similar word “child’s slave” means parents raise their kids all their lives. Chinese tradition believes that more children mean the happiness of a family, so usually, a family has more than two kids. The parents have to raise their kids for half their lives, they become the child’s slaves.

Most Chinese parents are affected by tradition, they believe that more kids are good for a family, so they have many children. In the countryside, every family has more than three or four kids now, compared with our parent's generation, this situation is much better. To have so many kids, the parents have to take care of them all the time, like slaves and do all the things for their kids. 

But most Chinese families don’t have enough money to raise kids, they can’t afford all the bills that the children needed. Raising a kid is large spending for a family, let alone raising more kids. People make themselves like slaves, having great burdens.
People should raise kids according to their ability, having two kids is enough, and they can have more energy to cultivate the children. 

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