In China, everyone is caring about the price of the house, every parent worries about their children’s ability to purchase a house, because a house means so much for a person. Marriage seems to must be endowed with a house, so people are willing to become the house slave, paying off debts for all their lives. 

House means so much for Chinese people because a house is a symbol of status. People must own a house when they get married, if they don’t have one, it seems that they are not ready for the marriage. Many parents buy houses for their children’s education, with the houses, they can have rights to enter the better school. Owning a house is so important, so most people like to pay for the house every month until they pay off the rest of their life.

We call the people who pay off the house debt for so many years the house slave. Actually, I am interested in being one of them, house is not the necessary thing, it is people’s blind choices that make the house important. Being a house slave is such a great burden, we can rent the house, with less pressure, we can enjoy life better.

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我对房奴的看法 My View on House Slave