When students graduate from college, they need to find a job, so they go to the job market. There is one question that the employer will ask the students all the time, the employer will ask the students to show out their certificates. Certificate opens the door for students to find a job, the value of a certificate overweighs so much.

The certificate is a reflection of the students’ hard work. Getting a certificate is not easy, students must work hard, they need to do a lot of preparation for the exams, most students can’t pass the exam for the first time, they need to take part in the exam many times. So the certificate is the fruit of a students’ hard work, it proves that the students are skilled in the relative domain.

Though a certificate is important, it can’t prove all the things. A certificate is the reflection of a students’ major knowledge, but not their attitudes towards life and career. There are a lot of factors that decide the students’ success, such as personality, luck, and so on. A certificate makes students close to success.

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