Today, when I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was to search the Internet, then I saw the breaking news, it was reported that the Chinese famous athlete Liu Xiang had married. I felt so shocked, then after only half a day passed, much negative news about his wife had been exposed. The privacy of celebrities should be protected.

Liu Xiang is a Chinese famous athlete, he is the first Chinese to win the world championship in track and field, and in his career, he has won so many honors. Since he got hurt, there is not so much news about him in the long term. Now he has married, the public is so interested in his wife, that they want to know more about her. So people use the Internet to dig out the girl’s information, and much privacy has been exposed. As it is known to all that people like to hear bad words, so they choose to hear the negative part. The celebrity’s privacy is always exposed, the public doesn’t respect them, and it is not right to expose their privacy.

Everyone has their curiosity, but they should not cross the line, they should respect the celebrity’s privacy and leave them some space.

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