A superstition is a blind belief in or worship of something or someone, often out of blind or ignorant impulse. In modern society, superstition still exists and may sometimes hurt people's behavior and thoughts. This article will discuss the dangers of superstition and how to resist its influence.



The harm of superstition is mainly manifested in the following aspects. First of all, superstition leads to people's lack of independent thinking and scientific thinking ability. If one believes in superstition all the time, then one may lose the ability to think and analyze things rationally, to be unable to truly understand the nature and truth of things. Secondly, superstition may cause people to make unwise decisions. If a person blindly believes in superstition, he may lose his cognition of reality and rational thinking, so he may make some unwise decisions, which may cause him to miss some opportunities or bring unnecessary risks. Finally, superstitions may affect people's mental health. If a person believes in superstition all the time, he may feel that his beliefs and values are threatened, which can cause him to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions.



How to resist the influence of superstition? First of all, we need to establish a scientific way of thinking. The scientific way of thinking emphasizes rationality, objectivity, demonstration, and repeatability. We should cultivate our scientific thinking ability through study and practice, to better understand and deal with complex reality. Secondly, we need to maintain critical thinking. Critical thinking refers to judging the credibility and reliability of information through analysis and evaluation, to make correct decisions. We should be skeptical of superstitions that claim to predict the future or solve problems, and judge their veracity through rational thought and analysis. Finally, we need to actively spread the values of science and reason. We can promote the values of science and reason through various channels, such as lectures, speeches, books, articles, etc., so that more people can understand the importance of science and reason, to better resist the influence of superstition.



In short, superstition is a kind of ideological opium that harms people's thinking and behavior. It will make people lose their rational thinking and scientific thinking ability, which leads to unwise decision-making and bad mental health. To resist the influence of superstition, we need to establish a scientific way of thinking, maintain critical thinking, and actively disseminate scientific and rational values. Only in this way can we continue to believe in science and reject superstition, develop so far, and better face the challenges of the future.


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