When the children get six years old, they need to go to school and finish the compulsive education. It has been admitted that reading more books brings people more knowledge and broadens their vision. But some people believe that reading books selectively is the right way. Both ways have their advantages.

Reading books selectively helps people get the details of the books. Reading a book needs a lot of time, let alone to study the book, if people choose the book to read, they can have more time to study the details, so they can enjoy the books and know more about the authors’ purpose of writing these books.

Reading books extensively can make people know more about the books. People can have the main idea of the books, knowing what the authors have written. The more people read, the more knowledge they can gain. In Chinese old saying, if you read all the books, you will not be afraid of travel around the world.

For me, I think people at first should read as more books as possible, when they start to choose the major, then they should read selectively, so they can have more time to study a book.

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