Since there so many negative news about the Internet are reported on the newspaper, it is believed that online chattering is such dangerous that people should never tell their real information when talk to strangers. Recently, it is reported that people are more willing to tell their real information online, is it true? I think so, but we still need to protect ourselves.


People are willing to give their real information because they want to be the real one and seek for comfort. People are living in a fast-pace city, they are under great pressure, they need to hind the real themselves for the purpose of better survivor. When chatting online, they don’t have burden to the stranger, so they are telling the real situation, be the real themselves and give out their pressure. Online chatting seems to be more sincere.


Online talking provides a way for the bad guy to do the criminal thing. Some bad guys will use the Internet to do the immoral deal or cheat the young boys and girls. So people need to take care, don’t leak out too much real information, never meet the strangers alone.


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