Recently, I believe there is nothing can as popular as the World Cup. The people around you talk about the football match, the computer you open is full of message about the match or the football player, and even you open your TV set or read newspaper, there is not chance to avoid seeing the information. Why the World Cup is so popular? Why there are so many people keeping a watchful eye on it? What do you think of World Cup? Does everyone really like it? In my opinion, there are three kinds of people making the World Cup so hot. 

First of all, the people are really interested in football will pay special attention on the World Cup. World Cup is the football match between countries held every four years. You can imagine how excellent the performance would be. How can the football lovers not pay attention on it? With the popularization of football, the amount of this kind of people should not be underestimated. Secondly, the people who swims with the tide also make contribution to spread the World Cup. There is a number of people focus on the World Cup just want to chase the trend. Last but not least, the gambler is another reason that should not be ignored. Besides watching the excellent performance of football players, to forecast the result before the match is certainly. World Cup provides a chance for the gambler to bet with a great excuse. How can they miss it? 
To sum up, as far as I am concerned the three kind of people mentioned above is the main reason to make the Word Cup so popular. 

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