In China, people don’t need to pay for online music if they want to download it, unlike in America, people need to charge for it. Chinese people are enjoying free music, the bad news is that recently, it is said that online music will not be free anymore, in the future, people need to pay for it. What will this reform bring?


 First, the click volume will be decreasing quickly. People get used to the free charge of online music, they don’t have the sense to pay for it, so when it needs to pay, people will think it doesn’t worth the money because they can listen to free music, they can’t adjust to the reform.


Second, the charge will be a kind of protection of the copyright. Most Chinese people don’t have a sense of copyright, people prefer to buy pirated software because it is cheap. Online music, because of the free charge, some bad people will do the illegal thing. The reform will protect the copyright to some degree.



If the reform is true, people need to get used to it, it can be sure that the charge won’t be much, and people still can pay for it.


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