Naturally, people are never satisfied with what they already have. They always want something new and different. I agree with this opinion. This desire makes people make progress. Discontent is the first step to progress. Many young people change their jobs constantly because they are discontent with the current job they have. If they stick to one job for the rest of their life, they will be regretful. So they change their job and hope that the next job can bring them more money and further personal development. They are making great efforts, not only good for themselves but also for the whole country. 
The NBA superstar, Tracy McGrady, has one of the most slogans ever: I am never satisfied. Due to this thought, he had made many glorious moments in his career life. 

We always want something better. Better job, better house, better life, more and more money. That’s the reason why society keeps on developing. If we were simply satisfied with what we already had, this world would have never been so good. Try to find out the things you don’t satisfy with, and try to change them. Make it better. 

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