What factor decides everyone’s opportunity? Some people believe that opportunity is just a matter of coincidence; other people believe that opportunity is around us, it needs people to perceive. In my opinion, besides what mention above, opportunity also needs us to create.

One factor that plays an important role in determining our opportunities is coincidence. For example, some people born in a rich family, they enjoy great chances to be successful, because the fame and the reputation from the family provide them chances. Comparing to those people who born in a poor family, they don’t have such chances, it is hard for them to seize the chances, they need to work for it.
The other factor that plays an important role in determining our opportunities are our positive attitude. Opportunity often exists all around us, it is waiting for those people who are brave to grasp it. A person who is positive will perceive the chance, he will not be defeated by fail, still holding the hope that chances comes any minute, so they will grasp the chance as soon as it comes. 
In conclusion, everyone has the chance to be successful; it contains many factors, such as coincidence, attitude and others. In order to fulfill our lives, we must seize the chance to realize our dreams.
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