How long has it been since you called your mother? Have you ever expressed your love to your mother? When the second Sunday in May arrives, it's time to show your love to your mom. Think carefully, when we were in school, how rebellious, how much hate mother's nagging, but mother never complain, never give up on us. Until we grow up to wander outside, at this time the thought is no longer naive, at this time do you remember the first time to leave the shelter of parents, to struggle outside the scene? We had thought of a million ways to say goodbye to her, but every time we thought of the scene, we tried to avoid it.


As children, we always mistakenly think that there is much time, every time we think of her is always her young appearance, but deliberately ignore her now gradually gray hair, gradually dark wrinkles.


After all, still afraid of losing, afraid to make her sad, but all this is not our intention, can not bear to leave, just to her attachment...... Looking back only to find that the original mother for us is fuck how much heart, her hard we can not see, did not let us see...... Call her if you don't have time, or go home and see her, eat a warm and familiar dish, hold her hand and spend a short but beautiful time with her.


A mother's love is great, on Mother's Day, everyone should call their mother, or visit their mother. No matter how busy you are at work, never miss an opportunity to show your love to your mom.


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