If you ask a student what will he want to do when he graduates, he will properly answer you that his first choice is to be a civil servant. It is true that more and more students choose to be a civil servant, every year, thousands of students compete for the job, while only less of them can survive. In my opinion, we should not keep our eyes on civil servant all the time.

The reason why all the students want to be a civil servant lies in that the position is permanent, once they get the job, it means they won’t lose job and don’t need to worry about the pressure. In China, the job competition is more and more intense, the young generation is under great pressure, they are afraid of getting no job. Since the lack of sense of security, students are kin for the stable job, though the income is less, they are willing to choose the job.


When all the students want to do the same job, it is not a good situation, it reflects our government’s policy is not well manipulated. Students should be work on all kinds of positions, that will be a good situation. The government should adjust their policy to provide students more proper choices.
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