On January, 2013, the public started a campaign called Clean Your Plate. This campaign aims to call on people to save food instead of wasting anything on the plates. The main theme of this activity is do not waste any food, starting with me. This campaign was first started from Sina weibo. Just a few days, tens of thousands people in China have joined in this meaningful activity. 

In my humble opinion, everybody should join in this campaign. As we all know, the Chinese traditional virtue is to be thrifty even we are live in a better life. According to the latest survey, more than 50 million tons of food is being dumped in China every year. This wasted food can feed about 200 million people for a year. The old generation usually appreciates the leftover, if there is any food in the plate, they will eat them up; while the younger generation will dump the leftovers into the dustbin, they rather spend the money on other food instead of eating leftovers. I think such behavior is not only waste of food and money, but also broadcast the wrong idea that wasting food is acceptable. People should come to realize the importance of saving food. The governments should also take measures to reduce food wastage and encourage people to eat at home. What’s more, people should put an end to the expensive feasts and banquets. 
I think this campaign should be moving on. Saving food for our offspring is everybody’s responsibility. Even if you’re a wealthy man, you still need to eat up the food on your plate. Waste is not a good habit. 

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